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We value our patients' experience at ChiroLove Spine & Wellness Center. 

Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    Great chiropractic care! I always look forward to my weekly adjustments with either Dr. Jesse or Dr. Ike. Both very professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable to answer any questions! The office is clean and very well spaced between the adjustment tables, exercise machines, and X-ray offices. Sig up front is very polite, friendly, and always has the answers to insurance questions and concerns. Overall a 10/10 experience and highly recommend to anyone looking to start chiropractic care, as an actor who uses my body for workday to day their care has bettered my physical and mental wellness!

    Daniel S.

    I’m really glad I found this place. I went in for help primarily with spine and neck alignment issues. Not only do I see a great improvement in my posture and a reduction in neck pain but they are all warm and friendly, always on time with appointments, and genuinely care about your health and well being. I plan on going for a long time to come.

    Jessica L.

    I was apprehensive at first in using a chiropractor. However, my sciatica had gotten so bad that I could only stand for a few minutes before it became too painful. Dr. Jessie was great during the consultation and x-ray process explaining in detail the course of treatment. Dr. Ike performed the treatments a couple of times a week and in less than two months my sciatica was gone and I was pain-free. I can’t say how thankful I am to both of them for all the help they provided to me. I highly recommend their services.

    Mark D.

    Dr. Ike can adjust a wall. He is the ONLY chiropractor that is able to adjust me 100% of the time. Dr. Jesse was the first chiropractor that explained to me via exrays exactly what was going on with my back and a clear cut solution to fix the problem. LOVE THESE GUYS!!!

    Douglas M.

    I thought better health was limited to how I eat and working out regularly but, now I know since coming to Chirolove Spine & Wellness Center receiving weekly adjustments I've learned that a healthy spine is key to all the functions in my body that lend to my overall health for life!

    Dwayne R.

    Ever since coming for therapy for my back, apart from helping me not have to much pain during my work day and managed my stress levels! Super thankful!!! The staff is amazing and I’m so grateful to be a patient! 👍🏻

    Sigdia A.

    Dr. Jessie and Dr. Ike are people who really care about their patients! I have never had a doctor call to check in with me the next day, but they did. It makes a world of difference; doesn't everyone deserve a doctor like that? I know I have one now and so should you....

    Donna R.

    I have been going to chiropractors for the past 40 years ( since 1979 ) due to my osteoarthritis, none of them even came close to the way Dr Jesse takes care of me . I have also been adjusted by Dr Ike ( Dr Jesse husband ), and I was equally satisfied and felt great after the adjustment . They both use the latest techniques and equipment which I never experienced with the other chiropractors. If anyone suffers from back pain please refer them to Chirolove Spine in Secaucus , they will notice

    Minda S.



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