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Infant Adjustments

Chiropractic care has many benefits for the entire family, including infants. At ChiroLove Spine & Wellness Center in Secaucus, NJ, we offer chiropractic treatment for all members of the family, including babies. 


Do Babies Need Chiropractic Care? 

Just like adults, your baby's spine is connected to all areas of their body. A misalignment can cause issues in many of the body's systems. 

You may wonder how a baby can develop misalignments so early in life. In many cases, it occurs when they are still in the womb, due to them getting into unnatural positions. 

The process of birth itself can also cause misalignments. Babies' bones and joints are flexible, and so their bodies can get out of alignment easily. 

Signs an Infant Needs Chiropractic Care

Baby care often involves interpreting your infant's signals. This lets you know when they are hungry, tired, or in pain. Just as you use their signals to tell you when they need something, you can look for signs that they need a chiropractic adjustment. 

Chiropractic treatment can help with a wide range of ailments, including colic, ear infections, reflux, and colds. 

Other signs include sensitivity to noise, poor coordination, and breastfeeding problems. Difficulty moving their head and irritability are also signs that they could benefit from chiropractic treatment. 

Benefits of Post-natal Chiropractic Care

Postnatal chiropractic care offers many benefits for infants. Because the spine and nervous system are closely connected, spinal adjustment can benefit their musculoskeletal system as well as their nervous system.

Physical Development 

They allow your child to get the best start in life. This can set the stage for their physical development. 

Condition Treatment 

Chiropractic adjustment can treat a wide variety of infant conditions. These include allergies, colic, ear infections, colds, and irritability. 

Is Infant Chiropractic Care Safe? 

Infant postnatal care is safe. The chiropractor uses a very light touch. This gentle pressure allows them to correct any misalignments that the baby may have. Babies are more receptive to chiropractic treatment than adults, so slight pressure is all that is required. 

Postnatal adjustments are non-invasive and completely safe. They offer a drug-free way to help ease many common childhood conditions. 

Infant Chiropractic Care at ChiroLove Spine & Wellness Center

If you are looking for infant care in Secaucus, NJ, contact ChiroLove Spine & Wellness Center at 201-293-4697. We offer treatment for the entire family, including post-natal care for infants. Our skilled Secaucus, NJ chiropractor can address many common concerns that infants, and their parents, face. 

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