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Auto Injury FAQs

Auto accidents occur often enough that just about everyone will be in one sooner or later. The longer you drive or ride in vehicles, the greater the odds you will be in at least one car accident throughout your adult life. We at ChiroLove Spine & Wellness Center in Secaucus, NJ, offer effective and affordable treatment for a variety of auto injury cases.

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How Can a Chiropractor from Our Practice Help with an Auto Injury Case?

An auto injury could be the basis of a claim against a negligent driver or an auto insurer. A chiropractor from our practice can help to document the treatment of your injuries. That includes the amount of pain that you suffer and how long it takes to regain full use of your injured body parts.

Will My Health Insurance Cover Treatment Costs?

We accept most health insurance plans and can work with you to help keep any costs reasonable while delivering effective chiropractic treatments for your injuries. Health insurers may recognize the significant benefits of obtaining chiropractic care for an auto injury and appreciate the non-invasive and non-addictive nature of our effective pain relief treatments.

Do You Accept Auto Insurance Claims Payments?

We routinely provide ongoing treatment for a variety of people who are recovering from injuries suffered during an auto accident. We accept auto insurance claims payments and can work with your attorney to help make costs more affordable for you.

Can You Treat Whiplash Injuries?

A whiplash injury is a very common kind of auto injury that makes your neck feel very stiff and causes a great deal of neck pain. Most whiplash injuries heal on their own, but difficult cases could require additional treatment. We can provide trigger point massage, myofascial therapy, and other helpful healing techniques that encourage natural healing while reducing your neck pain.

What Kinds of Natural Pain Relief Do You Provide?

A variety of non-invasive therapies can help to loosen up your injured and swollen body parts. Massage therapy is a good example and helps you by loosening injured soft tissue and reducing the swelling and inflammation that cause pain. Electrostimulation, ultrasound, spinal stretching, and other treatments help to reduce pressure on nerves, injured spinal discs, and other soft tissue that commonly cause a lot of pain when injured.

Schedule Effective Chiropractic Treatment for Your Auto Injury

If you recently survived a car collision and have a painful auto injury or other ongoing afflictions, we can help. Just call us at (201) 293-4697 ChiroLove Spine & Wellness Center in Secaucus, NJ, or contact us online to schedule affordable and natural pain relief from our experienced and professional chiropractic staff. 



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